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Bank Investments/Investment Products

Bankers' Bank

Address: 7700 Mineral Point Rd.
  Madison, WI 53717
Contact: Thomas Papenthien
Phone: 608-833-5550
Fax: 608-829-5590
Description: A bank-owned correspondent bank providing secondary mortgage products, competitive federal funds rates, cash letter processing with automated cash management, municipal bond underwriting, investment trading, safekeeping and portfolio accounting, lending alternatives, and more.

ICBA Securities

Address: 775 Ridge Lake Blvd, Ste. 175 ICBA Securities
  Memphis, TN 38120
Contact: Jim Reber
Phone: 800-422-6442
Fax: 901-762-5333
Description: ICBA Securities, the ICBAs institutional broker/dealer, provides community bankers with quality investment products and services at competitive market prices. We provide education, analysis, and help community banks select the most suitable securities for their portfolios. Also, through an exclusive arrangement with Vining Sparks, ICBA Securities offers access to capital market services, interest rate risk management, whole loan trading and investment advisory services. As the only broker/dealer owned by the community banking industry, ICBA Securities returns 100 percent of its earnings to the industry in the form of royalties and dividends.

BOSC, Inc.

Address: 1200 North Mayfair Road, Ste 303 BOSC, Inc.
  Milwaukee, WI 53226
Contact: Hunt
Phone: 866-440-6515
Fax: 262-509-6939
Description: BOSC, Inc. is a subsidiary of BOK Financial Corporation, a $27 billion bank holding company. Our team of experienced bankers located in Milwaukee has served Wisconsin community banks for over 20 years. We help banks identify interest rate, liquidity, earnings and capital risks while developing customized strategies to enhance earnings and mitigate these risks. Our core services include asset/liability modeling and consulting, investment trading and consulting, municipal underwriting/credit, and wholesale funding solutions.

Baker Group

Address: 901 Community Drive
  Springfield, IL 62703
Contact: Judd
Phone: 888-333-0750
Fax: 217-241-0838
Description: The Baker Group is one of the nation's largest independently owned securities firms specializing in investment portfolio management for community financial institutions. Since 1979, we've helped our clients improve decision-making, manage interest rate risk, and maximize investment portfolio performance. Our proven approach of total resource integration utilizes software and products developed by Baker's Software Solutions combined with the firm's investment experience and advice.

BMO Capital Markets

Address: 111 E. Kilbourn, Suite 200
  Milwaukee, WI 53202
Contact: Mork
Phone: 414-212-4212
Fax: 414-212-4200
Description: BMO Capital Markets is a leading, full-service North American financial services provider, with 2,200 employees operating in 16 North American offices and 29 worldwide, offering corporate, institutional and government clients access to a complete range of investment and corporate banking products and services. BMO Capital Markets is a member of BMO Financial Group (NYSE, TSX: BMO), one of the largest diversified financial services providers in North America with US $551 billion total assets and more than 46,500 employees as of April 30, 2013.

Dougherty & Company LLC

Address: 90 S. 7th Street, Suite 4300
  Minneapolis, MN 55402
Contact: Jeff Jacobson
Phone: 800-328-4000
Fax: 612-338-7732
Description: As a full service investment banking firm, we offer a wide array of investment products and services to institutions and individuals nationwide. In conjunction with our affiliates, Dougherty Funding, Dougherty Mortgage and Dougherty Equipment Finance, we are uniquely positioned to meet the debt financing needs of a wide variety of banking clients.

Northland Securities, Inc.

Address: 45 South 7th Street, Suite 2000
  Minneapolis, MN 55402
Contact: Linda Knutson
Phone: 612-851-5900
Fax: 612-851-5955
Description: Primary underwriter/advisor for local communities engaged in the issuance of bank-qualified municipal securities. As a full-service broker/dealer, provides portfolio "calibration" services to assist community bank portfolio managers in maximizing investment returns.

PMA Financial Network, Inc.

Address: 2135 CityGate Lane, 7th Floor
  Naperville, IL 60563
Contact: Lutter
Phone: 630-657-6460
Fax: 630-718-8701
Description: PMA Funding - Preferred Service Provider of the ICBA - is changing the way banks view funding through an advisory approach that includes public funds and brokered deliverable CDs (