The New SAR and Your AML Programs: Joint Filings, Suspects & Detailed Transaction Requirements

May 04, 2012 - Webinar

The new SAR form 112 will require changes to financial institutionsí anti-money laundering (AML) programs. The detailed transaction requirements and the suspect information may require changes to incident reports for the frontline when filing a red flag. Banks may have to add data fields to new accounts worksheets to gather emails, gender, NAICS, phone numbers, and more in order to complete the required SAR fields. Implementing the new forms and information will require thought and detailed analysis of present processes. This program will provide a sample SAR policy, sample incident reports for the frontline, a new accounts worksheet, a form for due diligence with joint filers, and much more. This program is beyond nuts and bolts. You will come away with a comprehensive integration plan for the new SAR into your bankís AML program. Donít miss receiving these helpful tools!

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