The Art of the Appraisal

April 20, 2012 - CFT

Members: $299 for the first attendee, $299 for additional attendees.
Non-Members: $299 for the first attendee, $299 for additional attendees.

The Art of the Appraisal: Theory & Practice Commercial loans secured by real estate constitute the largest and potentially riskiest category of specialized loans in a bank or thrift’s loan portfolio. Many lenders know what is being asked of them through all of the regulations. But what they do not know is how to do what is being asked of them. This seminar clarifies the HOW and provides lenders the knowledge to confidently prepare, appraise, and review loans. Students will know the current commercial real estate lending environment; brief overview of the regs and why we have to do what we do; the three parts of real estate appraisal process; the evaluation process of the appraisal; the review process for the evaluation and appraisal; and best practices of the appraisal review. Guest Speaker: Commercial Appraiser

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